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The art of brand strategy and adventurous storytelling.

Silicon Coastal

Silicon Coastal Festival

Where Tech Meets Art - Industry leaders come together in an immersive event celebrating culture, technology, and charity all along  LA, OC, and San Diego's Silicon Coast. 

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Imperial Beer

Imperial Beer - Costa Rica 

We created content focused on the brand ethos while exploring the jungles of Costa Rica. The campaign included use of social media influencers and VR content to allow users an immersive discovery of Costa Rica.

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Hemingwave client

Roots the Beauty Underground

Local, organic, and full of Laguna Beach's most beautiful people inside and out, Roots the Beauty Underground brings a step-by-step process to the daily Make Up Ritual. 

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Laguna Ocean Foundation

Laguna Ocean Foundation

We captured a non-profit organization's story to share with the community and increase public awareness. Promoting conservation, education, and protection of Laguna Beach's tidal eco-systems.

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Cultivating creativity and innovation on the Silicon Coast.

We opened our incubator program in downtown Laguna Beach to give an opportunity to local start-ups looking for a platform to grow their business and bring their ideas to life.  

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A worthy cause

Dedicated to making positive impacts in the local community.

We teamed up with the Pacific Marine Mammal Center at our Silicon Coastal 2.0 event. The team responsible for saving sick and stranded sea mammals on the Southern California coastline every year presented their annual impact report on every animal rescued. Their never-ending vigilance and caregiving was responsible for the safe return of hundreds of animals.  

Discover how you can give back and support a worthy cause to protect ocean life. 

Pacific Marine Mammal Center